Stratesave provides the intelligent organized, most reliable, strong performance, easiest to use and to install, costs -effective, automated data backup solution for Windows standalone or client/server network. Stratesave's backup organization, a key capability, presents an overview of executed backup process, frees the user from the daily brain work of backup management and makes it easy to define the backup plan and run backup and recovery tasks. This innovative concepts delivers carefree data security for business demands. With Stratesave, the backups are comfortable and organized. At execution time, it is neither necessary to specify what should be backed up, nor where it will be stored. It is sufficient to call the backup program once a day in the evening and daily backup is executed automatically. It can be even more comfortable: The automatic start feature allows automatic backup execution at a desired time of day.

Short Description

Stratesave is a State of the Art backup program for organized everyday backup. Make your backup plan once with the comfortable macro editor (you can later adjust it), the backup plan will contain backup descriptions for daily, weekly, monthly etc. backups, each of which can be stored on different media (fixed disk directories, tapes or removable disks), then for every day backups, just Start the backup with a mouse click (or have it started automatically). You don't have to work out every time, what or where you want to store.

The ordinary backup programs require you to think out everyday, which backup you did last, on which disk/tape you made it, which disk/tape should be taken for the current backup, or if you should go with an incremental backup this time etc. This is brain work that you must do every day.

Now Stratesave does this all for you. It keeps a log of executed backups, and calculates which backup is next (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) Restore program finds the backups all by itself and prompts you for the right name of the tape/disk, or chooses the correct fixed disk location.