Company History

Stratesave Systems GmbH, headquartered in Meilen at Z├╝rich Lake in Switzerland, originates from DataSecuritas Software, which was founded in 1996. It received the current name in August 2001. Since its foundation, the company has focused on providing client controlled organised heterogeneous network backup solution for Windows PC to UNIX or OpenVMS server that ensure reliability and availability of mission critical data in a separate server room. With years of experience in providing organized network backup software and support, Stratesave Systems specializes into providing the most organized and high performance backup software Stratesave for users of Microsoft operating systems. Our organized standalone backup solution (Stratesave Standard) and Stratesave Network Agent for Windows NT/2000, 98/95 came out in April, 2000. The complete solution including database backups, local and networked, was published March 2002. The ever-increasing user-demand proves this is what the user requires mostly and what they can rely on.

Stratesave Systems Vision

Stratesave Systems provides the most organized, best quality and costs-effective backup software Stratesave for Windows computers. We emphasize to make easy-to-use and most precise backup and restore product. While our product is welcome by the users with its quality, the company's vision is to expand the market opportunity and to transform the firm into a popular supplier of data backup solution. Our goal has allways been organized backup and restore the most actual Windows system. We work hard to carefully develop and test our software products to backup all the Windows specialities. Our products are attractive for server backup or backup of small to medium networks for small to medium business.

Stratesave Systems Product Solutions

Stratesave provides the organized and reliable data backup solution for Windows XP/2000/NT and heterogeneous enviroment of Windows XP/2000/NT, NT/Unix/OpenVMS server. The products family of Stratesave includes Stratesave Standard and its add-on agents Stratesave Network Agent, Stratesave Enhanced Server Agent, Stratesave Agent for SQL Server, Stratesave Agent for Exchange Server, Stratesave Autoloader Agent, Stratesave Agent for SharePoint Portal Server and Stratesave Complete Backup Bundle enable our users to find the backup solution they need.

Organized backups, as provided by Stratesave, are the easiest way to effective data security. The ordinary backup programs require you to think out everyday, which backup you did last, on which disk/tape you made it, which disk/tape should be taken for the current backup, or if you should go with an incremental backup this time etc. Now Stratesave does this all for you. It keeps a log of executed backups, and calculates which backup is next (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) and prompts you for the right name of the tape/disk, or chooses the correct fixed disk location. Once you have make your backup plan (you can later adjust it), then for every day backups, just Start the backup (or have it started automatically). You don't have to work out each time, what and where you want to store. Your backups are automatically stored in a securely organized manner, and you can concentrate your mind on your important work.

Software Distribution

Stratesave Systems offers the organised backup software solution through direct sales. Resellers are welcome.